The following confirms our understanding of the discussion regarding the addition of Substitute Teachers to the PEITF Group Insurance Plans, effective October 1, 2013.

1) The PEITF has approved  Health coverage for Substitute Teachers and Teachers with Fixed Term Contracts of less than 4 months, effective October 1, 2013 (billed one month in advance on Sept billing).

2) The Teacher must enroll in Health coverage within 31 days of their first day of teaching in the new School Year, and coverage becomes effective the first of the month coincident with or next following the 1st day teaching in School Year (Sept 1-June 30).  1st teaching date to be confirmed with the appropriate School Board office.

3) In subsequent years, the Teacher must have taught 15 days in the current or previous school year to be eligible to continue coverage. (Further details are required to how this will be administered in following years).

4) Once a Teacher takes Health coverage, they must keep it to the end of the School Year (June 30th), unless they receive approval from the Trustees to withdraw from the plan during the year.

5) Health Premium will be 100% Employee paid through Bank Deduction.

6) If a Teacher takes a fixed term contract less than 4 months, Health Premium remains 100% Employee Paid.

7) If a Teacher takes a fixed term contract for more than 4 months, cost-sharing changes to 50% Employee / 50% Employer paid.

8) Health coverage will terminate June 30th.

If a fixed term Teacher goes on the Health plan, they can keep the plan until the end of their contract.  If the contract ends at the end of the school year, they can only keep the plan over the summer if they get hired for the next year early enough where they can be kept in the Johnson Insurance system (which is usually in mid June).  If they don’t get a contract for the next year until the summer or until late June, they will be off the plan until the next year.