Please refer to the Handbook for the complete information.

Teachers under contract for a full year are automatically enrolled in the single health plan (as well as life and LTD).  If a teacher is under contract for more than 4 months they can contact Johnsons to enroll in the plan. 

Coverage doesn’t start until October 1st even though the deductions start in September since we pay a month in advance.

If a member wants to change to a family plan they can without having to show proof of insurability for their family members as long as it is done within 31 days of enrollment or if there is a major life event such as a marriage or the birth of a child. 

If an active member drops the health plan they are able to get back into the plan without having to show  proof of insurability. 

The coverage that is limited per year is based on a calendar year (Jan 1-Dec 31).

The plan is provided by Blue Cross with claims and consultation provided by Johnson Insurance. 

The Health plan is provided to members and retirees.  More information specific to retirees can be found on the retirees section of this website.

General Overview

Coverage– 80% of paramedical to a maximum of $70 per treatment ($56 reimbursement) 20 treatments per year with exception of Physiotherapy, which is unlimited.
– 80% of most health care expenses
i.e. Home R.N. maximum of $6,000 per calendar year, maximum reimbursement $4,800.
– Vision care 80% for frames and lenses to a maximum of $250
($200 payment) per 24 consecutive months, 12 consecutive months if under age 18. Laser eye surgery 80% of $1,500 lifetime maximum ($1,200 reimbursement).
– Prescribed drugs with 80%/20% maximum $10.00, co-pay with drug card (mandatory Generic Substitution). For members 65 years of age and older most drugs are covered through the provincial DECAP and not the PEITF plan.
– Counseling therapists who are registered with the governing and licensing body of the College of Counselling Therapists PEI ( fall under “paramedical practitioners”. Coverage at the paramedical rate is 80% up to $70 per treatment (maximum reimbursement $56) and a maximum of 20 treatments per 12 consecutive month period. 

As well, charges for active treatment provided by private practice psychologists who are duly licensed, certified or registered to practice, and social workers with a master’s degree are covered up to a maximum of $125 per treatment (maximum reimbursement $100) and a maximum of 20 treatments per 12 consecutive month period.
– Vaccines 80% coverage of up to $500 per year.
(Must be from a licenced pharmacy and not a travel clinic)