50% coverage to a lifetime maximum reimbursement of $3,000 per member covered.

Prior approval is required by submitting a pre-treatment plan. Reimbursement is based on an initial deposit and monthly installments. Lump Sum reimbursements cannot be considered. Contact the claims department for more information.

  • All necessary dental treatment which has as its objective the correction of malocclusion of the teeth.

Elective Services

If a participant elects a more expensive plan of treatment than is customarily provided, the plan will pay the applicable percentage of the lesser fee.  The participant will be responsible for the balance of the dentist’s fee.

How to Claim

Prior to receiving treatment you should inform your dentist of your membership under the plan.  You will have an Identification Card showing your group and subscriber numbers.

Your dentist may elect to act as a “Participating Dentist” in which case he will bill Johnson Inc. directly and receive payment directly.  You will be responsible for making payment to the dentist for any amount in excess of Plan Allowances.

If your dentist is a “Non-Participating Dentist” you must make settlement with the dentist for services rendered.  A claim form completed by the dentist is required and following receipt of this form, payment will be made directly to you in accordance with the Plan Allowances.

Coordination of Benefits

The “Coordination of Benefits” (COB) provision for Dental Insurance works in a similar manner to that of the Health Insurance Coordination of Benefits, referenced at the end of the Health Insurance section.