Drugs are covered at 20% of cost to a maximum of $10 per prescription.

Prescription drugs coverage is based on the Blue Cross formulary. 

For retirees over 65 if the drug is not covered under the DCAP program it is possible it may be covered under the PEITF plan.  If it is also not covered under the PEITF plan the member will have to appeal to the DCAP program first and if it is still denied they can appeal to the PEITF plan.

If any member of the plan is denied they can appeal to the Trustees for consideration.  They will have to contact the PEITF for this process to begin.  Please do not contact the Trustees directly. 

There is mandatory generic substitution.

Vaccines – $500 per calendar year.  Only from a licenced pharmacy.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs – $500 per calendar year

Please refer to the booklet for what the plan covers and doesn’t cover.