This insurance is available to any teacher under contract.  There is automatic enrollment for teachers on a full year fixed term, probationary, or permanent contract.  This plan is cost shared with the employer 50/50

If a teacher opts out of the life insurance they will have to show proof of insurability to get back into the plan.  If they are on a fixed term contract and sign out they will still be automatically enrolled if they get a new fixed term, probationary, or permanent contract.

Member Life Insurance, Member Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Dependent Life Insurance.

CoverageMember Life Insurance$100,000
Member Accidental Death & Dismemberment$100,000
Dependent Life Insurance– $10,000 on Spouse
– $5,000 Each Dependent Child

When a teacher turns 65 the plan turns to $15,000 coverage.  There may be an opportunity to convert the rest but it is expensive.  Contact Johnson for the rates.