This plan is not cost shared with the Employer.  The member pays the full cost.

There is a set rate for the basic coverage of $10,000.

There is the option to purchase more of the insurance set out in the premiums tab.

If critical illness is dropped by a member, you must show proof of insurability in order to get back in.

If, while insured for this Benefit the Insured is diagnosed with one of the covered Critical Illness conditions (“Condition”) shown below and more particularly defined in Covered Critical Illness Conditions Appendix, and survives for a period of thirty (30) days (“Survival Period”) commencing on the date of the first diagnosis of such Condition or such longer Survival Period as is described in this Policy, the Benefit will become payable to the Member provided that the following conditions are met:

a) That Manulife Financial receives what it deems to be satisfactory evidence, including but not limited to medical evidence, documenting the Insured’s diagnosis of a Condition, all of which must be provided at the Insured’s expense, unless otherwise specified herein;

b) The diagnosis of any Condition is made by a Physician in Canada practicing in a specialty that is customarily consulted for diagnoses relating to the applicable Condition.

There is significant information on the illnesses in the handbook.  Please refer to the handbook for the full information.